Care and Maintenance

Grandeur Flooring designs meticulously factory-crafted products with durable finishes that allow years of protection and low maintenance. There are some things to keep in mind, in terms of care and maintenance practices, when it comes to your floor. Practices such as regularly vacuuming, sweeping or dusting your flooring surface, as well as placing mats and carpets near doorways and workspaces to prevent stains and dirt from being ingrained in the floor, will help maintain the immaculate flooring products Grandeur provides.

Try to minimize the amount of liquids and moisture your flooring surface comes into contact with — this includes wet mopping. The ideal temperature for Grandeur’s flooring products, while keeping in mind environmental concerns, ranges from 18 C (65 F) to 24 C (75 F). The humidity level should be anywhere from 35 per cent to 55 per cent. Too much heat or aridity can lead to excessive spacing and splitting with the floor surface. Environmental factors should be taken into account when using Grandeur’s products.