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Grandeur’s bold and sturdy engineered hardwood floors have a strong multi-surface core, with layers running in opposite directions, which reinforces the floors and enables them to withstand the Canadian climate.


Unrivaled character. The Artisan collection of 6” hickory engineered flooring offers a rich and elegant look. Each plank is lightly hand-scraped and distressed to blend style with a beautiful and natural appeal.


Flooring in herringbone configurations has become increasingly popular. These elegant configurations create a visually interesting pattern that is reminiscent of luxurious European styled interior designs. The sophisticated patterns symbolize status and help to convey a feeling of prestige. Because of the overwhelming requests for herringbone patterned flooring, Grandeur now offers herringbone products in both engineered and vinyl flooring in our most popular colors.


The Ultra Collection of 7-1⁄2” engineered oak hardwood comes in a light brushed texture. Ultra Collection is preferred for its clean look and neutral colors.


Introducing the new Regal Collection -- currently Grandeurs most exquisite and high-end collection. 

Made with European white oak, Regal begins with planks measuring 7-1/2 inch wide. Each plank is then manually crafted with ultra reactive finish on 3.0 mm of ABC grade veneers and finished with European stain.

Considering the impressive features and unique colors in our Regal Collection - it is no suprise that this collection is quickly becoming the hottest, most coveted collection of this season.


Inspired by practicality. The Enterprise collection of 7-1⁄2” engineered hardwood features patterned band saw distress marks on a 3mm thick veneer. Wire brushed and smoked to add character, the Enterprise collection is designed for functionality without compromising style.


Our metropolitan collection is made of beautiful white oak. With a gorgeous European oak veneer, the floors are naturally cracked and deep brushed with hard filler to give them their unique and signature look.


Our Scandinavian collection of modern oak engineered flooring is of the higher grades materials. The fashion-forward set is crafted with a matte lacquer finish and a subtle light brushing.

Crown Land

Being our most high-end product, Our popular Crown Land Collection of oak engineered flooring is bandsaw-marked and offers a durable 4mm veneer. Through the labour-intensive manufacturing process, the planks are smoked, saw-marked, and hand-sanded to achieve a beautiful standout colour that looks rich and gorgeous while still maintaining the natural beauty of the wood.


With unique colours and processes, our Divine collection of maple engineered flooring focuses on the hard maple’s natural characteristics by exaggerating the grain and subtle variations in the wood through meticulous hand-staining and a light hand-scraping.


Our Elevation collection of 7-1⁄2” hickory engineered hardwood flooring features a lightly scraped texture, thoroughly smoked to achieve unique and naturally inspired colors.



Less is more. The unfinished look of Grandeur's Paradise Collection celebrates the beauty of nature and life. Natural is currently one of the most trendy colors; not surprising, as natural colors are soothing and greatly brightens your space. Planks in the paradise collection are smoked ever so lightly to entice tannins in the wood to surface, this process helps to achieve a genuine wood color naturally from within. 


Invite luxury with the new Noble Collection! Noble comes in three unique colors, each with a generous 4 mm of French oak veneer.

Made for the truly special; every plank is given a light touch of wirebrushing to accentuate the grain; delicately exposing the white-washed undertone.

Noble Collection is available at Grandeur Flooring dealer locations starting October 2022. Please contact our dealers for more details.