Preventative Care

Wood is a natural hygroscopic material, therefore there will be natural levels of expansion and contraction as the seasons change. Preventative care is meant to reduce the amount of expansion and contractions to an acceptable level.


During non-heating seasons – summer, fall, spring. We recommend turning on the air conditioner, or dehumidifier, periodically heater as necessary -- high humidity will invariably cause expansions in wood floors.


During the winter months – when your central heaters are running; we recommend using a central humidifier to minimize shrinkage which occurs under low humidity conditions. The ideal temperature for Grandeur’s flooring products ranges from 18 C (65 F) to 24 C (75 F). The reletive humidity level should be maintained between 35% to 55% at all time.

Scratches and Blemishes

Regular cleaning of dirt, grit, dust, salt and any other abrasive materials will help to prevent scratches or blemish to the top-layer of your floors.


Placing area rugs and mats at doorways and high traffic areas are highly recommended to lessen wear and tear.


Always clean area rugs and mats regularly as they are prone to trapping abrasive materials.


Avoid letting sharp objects come into direct contact with your hardwood floors – high heels, cleats etc. any hard objects which may cause irreversible damage.


Place felt pads or floor protectors on the bottom of furniture to prevent scratching when moving furniture – careful not to drag any furniture across the surface of your hardwood floors.


When vacuuming floors – be sure to not to drag any plastic or metal attachments as that will scratch the surface of the finish and damage the floors.

Water and Spills

If water or any other liquid is spilled, promptly wipe, and dry the area – avoid wiping into the bevel between planks.


DO NOT use any household agents: oils, cleaners, soaps, waxes, pinesol, vinegar etc in cleaning hardwood floors as it may damage the finish and void your warranty.


Dry methods to cleaning hardwood is best – do not use a wet mop that will leave excess water behind


Steam cleaners are damaging to hardwood floors and should be avoided at all costs.

Sunlight and Discoloration

Prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause changes to the color of wood. It is a natural phenomenon and the fading of color of hardwood should be expected if exposed to sunlight or intense lighting.


To moderate sunlight exposure, it is recommended to have light filtering window coverings – drapes and blinds.

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