Nurturing Creativity, Every Step Of The Way.


Distinctive and exciting designs can contribute to the overall learning environment -- affecting the entire educational experience. Correct use of colors, texture and open space has been proven to nurture a calm and friendly learning environment,


Today’s educational institutions require flooring solutions that are not only visually appealing but also durable, easy to maintain, safe, and environmentally friendly. Grandeur commercial flooring products are commercially rated for use in most educational settings ranging from nurseries to universities.


When considering educational environments for children and young adults; hygiene is of paramount importance. With the increasing significance of cleanliness, healthy and anti allergenic educational environments,  providing quality products that have the highest indoor air safety ratings is a top priority at Grandeur. All Grandeur products are tested by third-party laboratories to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for all.


To accommodate the requirements and constraints of today’s competitive learning environments, Grandeur’s commercial products has an extensive range of colors, specifications and flooring solutions catering to a diverse spectrum of applications – from classrooms to cafeterias laboratories to libraries.

Property Management
Property Management

Flexibility & Versatility, When You Need It The Most.


Rental properties face frequent move-ins and move-outs, requiring easy to maintain flooring solutions that are quick to install and replace whenever necessary. Grandeur’s commercial vinyl collections are great for those last-minute changes; giving you the flexibility and peace of mind, knowing that we’ve got you covered, no matter what.


Grandeur’s industry-leading vinyl and laminate designs closely replicates the appearance of high-end slate and wood flooring, providing property managers with many cost-effective solutions for attractive floors that compliment the building style.


Unwanted sounds from other units and “that noisy neighbor” are one of the most frequent problems and complaint that property managers face. Grandeur’s commercial products have been designed to combat noise pollution from other tenants -- with two different underlay options to choose from; both meeting and exceeding most property management building specifications for IIC STC sound proof ratings.


Air quality, ease of cleaning and maintaining a clean space is another important consideration for the health and wellbeing of tenants. Offering a wide range of vinyl options –  some with exceptionally high wear layers; Grandeur’s premium commercial vinyl floors can confidently withstand repeated use and cleaning. Furthermore, Grandeur prioritizes safety of materials by rigorously testing our products against stringent international flooring standards, promising good air quality and a healthy environment to live in.


To further accommodate last minute projects, Grandeur Flooring operates two warehouses located in the heart of Mississauga, maximizing availability of stock and convenience to ensure your project stays on schedule; Grandeur Flooring stands as your most reliable partner in the property management sector.


First Impressions Matter.


Recognizing the importance of presentation – how the overall ambience of a space can transform the visitor experience is fundamental to any business operating in the hospitality sector. The first step into any welcoming establishment, influences the rest of a customer’s experience, forming the character of your brand. Containing over 100 colors, Grandeur’s commercial flooring selection has everything from the most unique and trend setting to traditional and conservative designs.


With laminate products rated at AC6 – fully commercially rated; and loose lay vinyl with Ceramic Bead Technology; Grandeur’s premium lines of commercial flooring is crafted for best-in-class, maximum durability and performance.

Trying to create a personalized atmosphere? Provide a more tranquil visitor experience with Grandeur’s commercial flooring products, rated for up to IIC 73.


Built for high traffic areas, all of Grandeur’s commercial products are tested against international safety standards such as ASTM 2047 for slip resistance, as well as other essential safety standards; reinforcing safety, efficiency and functional practicality with design.


Love Where You Work.


Expectations of what how an office space should be is changing. The design and ergonomics of an workspace is directly related to staff productivity, retention, and morale. Office space can be incredibly important to how a business portrays itself to their employees and the outside world.


Today’s workplace design trends have taken a more holistic, human-conscious approach – accommodating and understanding the unique needs of employees, empowering diversity. Trending designs are now being tailored to enhance specific employee characteristics – including engagement, excitement, interest and focus. As such, Grandeur’s selection of colors, textures and specifications has been developed to provide a wide range of options to allow for versatility and flexibility in achieving the goals of a workplace designed with purpose and intent.


Unwanted noise, distracts, and ruins our focus -- a major hindrance to productivity and concentration. By including underpads in select vinyl collections, Grandeur commercial flooring products allows for a better sound-proof and distraction-proof environment.


One of the most important safety consideration for office employees -- who spend most of their time in the office is: air quality; a vital but largely overlooked ingredient of a healthy workplace. Grandeur commercial flooring products, being constructed from VOC free material, is certified by third-party laboratories for A+ air quality, ensuring a healthy  and comfortable working environment.


Furthermore, Grandeur commercial products adheres to the highest international safety and regulatory standards including but not limited to: ASTM 2047 for slip resistance; ASTM D4060-19, wear resistance. Everything necessary for a safe and functional working space and more.

Senior Living
Senior Living

Form Meets Functionality.


As the world moves towards an increasingly aging demographic, there is an increasing need for more and improved senior living communities. Design trends are shifting from an environment that had mostly prioritized safety and hygiene, to a more holistic approach. Grandeur flooring’s commercial products quickly tackle common safety and health issues such as slips and falls, air quality, scratches – by using the highest quality materials, as well as following the most stringent manufacturing processes that adhere to internationally recognized safety standards such as ASTM 2047, slip resistance, A+ rating certification for air quality, AC6 – commercial rated abrasion rating by third party laboratories, among others.


Ideally, in an environment where safety and hygiene is properly managed – the more emotional aspects of the finer details in life become more important; the number one complaint from elderly tenants is noise. With that in mind, select collections of Grandeur’s commercial flooring products come with an attached sound dampening underpad rated up to IIC 73 to minimize indoor noise pollution.


The mental well-being of elderly tenants is just as important as their physical well-being, which is why Grandeur’s selection of commercial flooring has curated a wide range of colors to encourage and instill calming and soothing feelings. Furthermore, for tenants who have difficulty remembering, Grandeur’s collection of loose lay and glue down flooring allows for maximum versatility and easy mixing of colors and customized borders to create a desired ambience or zonal demarcation to distinguish different areas or directions and pathways for orientation.