Care & Maintenance


This laminate product is sold finished and does not need any further work done on it. 


The ideal conditions for avoiding problems with the boards’ dimensions and static loads are: 50-70% RH and +/-20C. Use a humidifier if needed.


- Do NOT varnish, sand, polish etc. the laminate flooring. Products with wax, soap or polish may leave behind residues.


- Never fix the laminate flooring to the base floor or other construction elements (with glue, nails, fixed door stops etc).


- Protect the feet of furniture and chairs with felt or plastic pads and regularly check their condition and cleanliness.


- Use chairs with soft wheels that won’t damage the flooring (Type W, in accordance with regulation DIN 68131), or failing that, use a polycarbonate mat to avoid direct contact with the floor (the wheels should be kept clean).


- The use of doormats at exterior door entrances is recommended in order to prevent dirt, dust, gravel, water etc. coming in from the street.


- Use a broom, cleaning pad, vacuum cleaner with brush for parquet flooring or a completely wrung out mop. Never use abrasive cleaning aids (wire wool, scouring pads etc.) or cleaning machines to clean the laminate flooring.


- Use non-abrasive, pH neutral detergents preferably with Ecolabel.


- To clean grooved products, do not use sharp or pointed, abrasive, cutting, wet etc. instruments. Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush for parquet flooring. If this is not enough, use a cloth slightly dampened in water.


- To eliminate stubborn stains on the surface (NEVER in joints or groves), Clean with a damp cloth.


- Special care should be taken in areas with pets (urine can damage the laminate flooring; avoid it and clean it immediately).


- If any water is spilled, it should be dried immediately to prevent any liquid remaining.


- Prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause changes to the surface color of most objects. It is a natural phenomenon and the fading color of laminate flooring should be expected if exposed to sunlight or intense lighting.


- To moderate sunlight exposure, it is recommended to have light filtering window coverings – drapes and blinds.

Installation Guide


Grandeur is the exclusive distributor of FINSA 12 and XXL Collections of laminate flooring, entirely designed and manufactured in Spain. Grandeur X Finsa laminate incorporates a harmonious proportion between the length and width of every plank, producing an aesthetically pleasing and realistic appearance. 


Do not transport flooring products exposed -- if under raining or damp conditions. Handle and unload flooring products with care, and store in a dry and well-ventilated place.Flooring shall not be delivered until the building has been enclosed with windows, doors are in place, and cement work, plastering, and all other wet work are completed and dry. HVAC systems must be in place and in operation at least 14 days prior to installation of the flooring and must remain operating during and after installation.


In addition, prior to installation of flooring, exterior grading must be completed with surface drainage offering a minimum drop of 3in over 10ft to direct the flow of water away from the building. All gutters and drainage spouts must be in place. The soil around the house must be treated or graded to provide sufficient drainage.

The following considerations are vital for ensuring the functionality and longevity of our products, failure to adhere to them will void your warranty.


This laminate flooring is extremely versatile and can be installed in all areas of your home, except for areas with higher levels of humidity in the environment, such as saunas, sinks, washing areas, etc. where its use is not recommended.


The product needs to be stabilized 48 hours prior to use with the boxes unopened and stored horizontally, well away from any walls.


The room temperature should be around 18ºC - 25ºC and the humidity between 40% - 60%


Ensure that your subfloor is Structurally Sound. The subfloor should be adequately nailed, screwed, or glued down prior to the installation of your floor. All nail heads must be driven down below the surface. Securely nail all loose boards. Scrape, plane or fill uneven boards, holes or cracks using floor-leveling compound.

Check that the subfloor is Level and Flat prior to installation. If there are any uneven areas of more than 2mm/linear meter, level them out in advance with a levelling paste.

The subfloor must also be Clean and cleared of any debris that may interfere with the floors or the installation. Lastly, the Moisture levels of the subfloor should be DRY and measured prior to installation using a moisture meter.


Parquet Wood

For installations on top of existing parquet, the flooring will be laid at 90º from the old flooring, never in the same direction as the old floorboards.

With existing wood base floors, it is recommended to remove a small perimeter from the old flooring to properly ventilate the strips.


Wooden Floorboards

Wooden floorboards or similar material. When laying flooring over wooden floorboards, you must leave enough space between the boards and the wall to allow for expansion. The flooring must be laid so that the gaps between the old floorboards are not in the same place as the joints between the laminate floor boards. Wood or wood-based materials must have a maximum residual humidity of 11%.



The mortar should have a humidity level of less than 2% (using the oven drying or calcium carbide method). When using artificial drying methods, sometimes only the surface layers dry and the lower layers can retain moisture which will, in time, rise to the surface.

Allow a sufficient period of time before taking new measurements to avoid any errors in the measurements taken. The drying time of the base floor will depend on its thickness and the atmospheric conditions of the area. As a guide, you can estimate that in conditions of between 20ºC and 50% relative humidity, drying time can be calculated using the following formula: t = 2s² where “t” is the time in days and “s” is the thickness of the base floor in centimeters.


Grandeur Flooring requires that laminate flooring products must be installed by an authorized professional. Failure to do so will void the product warranty.

It is the Installer/Homeowner’s responsibility to ensure the jobsite, environment, sub-floor conditions and climatization meet all of Grandeur Flooring’s requirements.

Prior to installation, flooring should be inspected, if you feel in any way the product is not to standard STOP installation and immediately contact your retailer.

The installer or homeowner is fully responsible for all installed laminate flooring. A 5%-10% waste allowance should be included with total square footage.

Prior to installation, installer or homeowner must carefully check planks for any defects. Any plank that has been installed will be deemed acceptable.


NOTE: When laying the flooring over a large surface area, you should also leave a 30 mm expansion gap every 12 meters lengthways and every 12 meters widthways (10 mm for the width of the clips and 10 mm for each length, note that the base of the profile is asymmetric, although this does not affect the spaces for expansion) 



As laminate flooring is designed to mimic a natural appearance, it is normal to have slight variations from plank to plank.


When installing, it is recommended to open several boxes at a time to mix and evenly distribute planks to balance out color variations.


Before installing, determine the orientation of the planks – it is recommended to lay the flooring in the same direction as the main source of sunlight. For the best results, planks should always be installed longitudinally – laid parallel to the longest walls.


Expansion Joints

Use separating wedges to make sure that a 10mm gap is left between walls and columns throughout the perimeter. This gap will be hidden at the end with the baseboard and profiles and will give the product the space necessary for expansion and contraction. In the case of holes for pipes, measure the diameter of the pipe and make a hole 20 mm bigger. Door frames require special care as 10 mm also needs to be left to allow for expansion. To fit the expansion profile, you should leave a 30 mm gap where the expansion profiles will be placed to separate the different rooms. (10 mm for the width of the clips and 10 mm for each length, note that the base of the profile is asymmetric)


First row

1.A) Start the first row with whole boards. Start the second row with boards cut to 2/3 and the third row with boards cut to 1/3, thus giving the appropriate design flow. Never start with cuts of boards <30 cm long. Never line up joints between rows (stagger).

   B) Start laying the flooring from left to right, with the ‘tongue’ facing the wall. Make sure you place the boards 10 mm away from both walls. If the wall is irregular, the boards will need to be adapted to the contour of the wall.

   C) To lock in short end of the second plank, place the short ends of the two pieces together (trying to leave them lined up straight), lift the piece at an angle of 15º-20º, pushing lightly forwards and downwards so that the piece automatically hooks into the adjoining piece. Continue this process until the row is finished. Place the last board, turning it 180º and facing it on the short sides groove to groove.


Second Row

2. Use a section of the board cut in the previous row. This section must be at least 30 cm long. If it is too short, start the row with a new board cut to 1/3 the length of the piece. Ensuring to stagger planks for a more random finish.


Next Rows

3. A) To continue laying, place the next piece flat, parallel to the board of the adjoining row, raise the board at an angle (±15º), push forwards and down lightly and the pieces should automatically interlock.

    B) Placing the short end of the board at an angle, opposite the board just installed, push forwards and down lightly. Make sure that the board lengthways along the piece is close to the adjoining board and lock it together with the previous piece. 

    C) Lift the board ±15º (along with the previous board laid in the same row), push lightly forwards and down, sliding the piece so it can lock into the length sides of the previous piece.


Last Row

Measure and cut the board. Leave 10 mm from the wall for the necessary expansion gap.


ATTENTION: In some circumstances, it is not possible to lift the boards at an angle, so they lock together (for example, underneath door frames or radiators etc.). In such cases, you can fit the pieces together with the boards flat, bearing in mind that you should not directly strike the boards.


Tap the pieces gently until they lock together, taking care not to damage the laminate, ensuring the hitting block is in complete contact with the edge of the laminate flooring. Do the same on the long side but starting progressively at an end to move forward the length of the piece.


For 3 days after installation, it is advised to maintain floor surface temperatures at a minimum of 15ºC, with a minimum room temperature of 18ºC and relative humidity levels at a maximum of 75%.

Warranty Info


Grandeur Laminate Flooring products can be installed above, on, or below grade. Our products carry a 30-year limited residential warranty or a 10-year limited light commercial warranty, from the original date of purchase, when installed and maintained in accordance with Grandeur Flooring recommended installation, maintenance, guidelines, as well as usage under normal household/office conditions in a dry enclosed residential/commercial building.


Subjective and personal preferences are not considered defective. It is the responsibility of both the purchaser and the installer to ensure products meet expectations prior to and during installation, as they are considered accepted once installed. Grandeur strongly recommends that laminate floors be installed by professional and experienced installers, errors or damage that often arise because of negligence or poor quality of installation are not covered by this warranty.


It is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure that the environment is kept clean – free from debris and other corrosive material or substances for but not limited to cleaning. This warranty is intended to cover only the value of the flooring when purchased, and does not cover any further expenses, damages, losses, or liabilities incurred because of the claim. This warranty is offered to the original purchaser of Grandeur commercial products and is nontransferable.


This warranty is valid provided that the floor is correctly installed – following NWFA standards and proper maintenance is performed on a regular basis. Grandeur Flooring does not offer coverage for damage  due to misuse and abuse – see exclusions for more details. Misuse such as dragging heavy furniture, excess exposure to snow removal salt, and malpractice with pets will damage laminate flooring and voids this warranty.


Normal wear and tear of flooring products is expected in casual use and is not covered by this warranty as this warranty is solely intended to cover defects in manufacturing. The ideal temperature for Grandeur’s flooring products (while keeping in mind varying environmental conditions) range from 18 C (65 F) to 24 C (75 F). The relative humidity level (RH) for laminate flooring should be anywhere from 40% to 60%.


Products sold as “clearance” or “as-is” is excluded from this warranty. This warranty does not extend to or cover the following damages which are caused by, but not limited to:



Damage due to neglect or improper storage/handling


Damage due to improper installation


Exposure to environments and conditions outside recommended temperature and humidity levels


Improper maintenance (refer to Care & Maintenance)


Normal wear and tear


Improper alterations to the original product


Water damage i.e., floods, leaks etc.


Fire damage


Damage related/arising from radiant heating


Flooring installed under islands or heavy cabinets


Damage due to a variation in light exposure such as discoloration in direct sunlight


Furniture scuff marks due to negligence


Damage from pets


Damage from insects


Damage from use of steamer/cleaning/vacuuming apparatus


Damage because of this claim including to but not limited to loss of use of space, moving costs, hotel and accommodation costs, loss of time or goods


Imperfections which can only be visible at certain angles or specific lighting


Failure to use proper adhesive


Insufficient prevention due to neglect


Damage from pebbles, sand, or other abrasives


Problems caused by moisture, mold, or mildew


Damage caused by water trapped under the floors


To make a claim, please contact the Grandeur authorized dealer from where you had purchased the product. Please note: original purchaser must provide proof of purchase with any warranty claims. This warranty is nontransferable.


Following a preliminary investigation, if the dealer has concluded that the issue lies with the manufacturer, the case will then be raised with Grandeur where a decision will be made alongside the dealer. If a claim is made regarding Grandeur products, the individual making the claim must deem it acceptable for a Grandeur Flooring representative to attend the premises in which the warranted floor is installed to determine the validity of the claim.


The damages or issues presented with a claim should cover at least 10% of the total flooring subjected to this claim. Furthermore, such issues or damages must be easily noticeable from a standing position.


If an acceptable resolution is not possible through an on-site visit, Grandeur Flooring reserves the right to have a third-party inspector to investigate the issue further.


Under the terms of this warranty, if a claim is found to be a manufacturing defect, the responsibility of Grandeur Flooring is limited to providing the material for replacement of the defective boards – this excludes labor, accessories, disposal, inspection, shipping, and any other related costs.


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