Grandeur's premium solid and engineered products are manufactured in accordance with National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) industry standards, which permits a defect tolerance of 5-7% margin of error. As wood is a natural product, knots, mineral streaks, color, and length variation should be expected. Grandeur Engineered Hardwood Flooring products can be installed above, on, or below grade.


Grandeur engineered hardwood products carry a limited structural integrity warranty – free from lamination, assembly, milling and dimensional defects; from the original date of purchase, when installed and maintained in accordance with Grandeur Flooring recommended installation, maintenance, guidelines, as well as usage under normal household/office conditions in a dry enclosed residential/commercial building.


Furthermore, Grandeur engineered hardwood products carry a 35-year finish warranty – the factory applied finish will not wear through, peel, or separate from the floors for a full 35 years from the date of purchase when used under normal residential conditions – installed and maintained in accordance with Grandeur flooring guidelines. See exclusions below.


Subjective and personal preferences are not considered defective. It is the responsibility of both the purchaser and the installer to ensure products meet expectations prior to and during installation, as they are considered accepted once installed.


Grandeur strongly recommends that hardwood floors be installed by professional and experienced installers, errors or damage that often arise because of negligence or poor quality of installation are not covered by this warranty.


It is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure that the environment is kept clean – free from debris and other corrosive material or substances for but not limited to cleaning.


This warranty is intended to cover only the value of the flooring when purchased, and does not cover any further expenses, damages, losses, or liabilities incurred because of the claim.


This warranty is offered to the original purchaser of Grandeur products and is non-transferable. This warranty is valid provided that the floor is correctly installed – following NWFA standards and proper maintenance is performed on a regular basis.


Grandeur Flooring does not offer coverage for damage due to misuse and abuse – see exclusions for more details. Misuse such as dragging heavy furniture, excess exposure to snow removal salt, and malpractice with pets will damage wood flooring and voids this warranty.


Normal wear and tear of flooring products is expected in casual use and is not covered by this warranty as this warranty is solely intended to cover defects in manufacturing.


This warranty covers the residential use of flooring products indoors only and does not extend to cover commercial applications.


The ideal temperature for Grandeur’s flooring products (while keeping in mind varying environmental conditions) range from 18 C (65 F) to 24 C (75 F). The relative humidity level (RH) for engineered flooring should be anywhere from 35% to 55%; 40 to 50% for solid wood flooring. While moisture damages floors, too much heat or aridity can lead to excessive spacing and gapping between the floors.


Central humidifiers must be used throughout the year as needed to maintain these relative humidity levels. Failure to utilize a humidifier when required will void the warranty. Cracking, checking can occur when there is improper moisture control, which is not covered by this warranty as it is caused by external factors beyond the manufacturers control.



Radiant Heat Policy

Because wood is a natural product, significant natural variation is to be expected. It will react differently to the drying effects of radiant heat depending on the type of radiant heating system being used. As the radiant heating market is still relatively new and growing, different types and models of radiant heat and under floor heating systems are being released every year; as such, compatibility with engineered flooring cannot be accurately substantiated or safely guaranteed. Grandeur Flooring does not offer any warranties for engineered or solid flooring installed with radiant heat. Vinyl products are currently considered safer for and more compatible with radiant heat. Please contact your dealer for more details.


Products sold as “clearance” or “as-is” is excluded from this warranty. This warranty does not extend to or cover the following damages which are caused by, but not limited to:



- Damage due to neglect or improper storage/handling


- Damage due to improper installation


- Exposure to environments and conditions outside recommended temperature and humidity levels


- Improper maintenance (refer to Care & Maintenance)


- Normal wear and tear


- Improper alterations to the original product


- Water damage i.e., floods, leaks, wet mopping etc.


- Fire damage


- Damage related/arising from radiant heating


- Flooring installed under islands or heavy cabinets


- Damage due to a variation in light exposure such as discoloration in direct sunlight


- Furniture scuff marks due to negligence


- Damage from pets


- Damage from insects


- Damage from use of steamer/cleaning/vacuuming apparatus


- Damage because of this claim including to but not limited to loss of use of space, moving costs, hotel and accommodation costs, loss of time or goods


- Imperfections which can only be visible at certain angles or specific lighting


- Natural expansion/contraction of planks due to seasons, humidity and/or temperature changes


- Boards with cracks/splits because of unusual humidity, lack of climatization, improper installation


- Failure to use proper adhesive


- Insufficient prevention due to neglect


- Damage from pebbles, sand, or other abrasives


To make a claim, please contact the Grandeur authorized dealer from where you had purchased the product. Please note: original purchaser must provide proof of purchase with any warranty claims. This warranty is nontransferable.


Following a preliminary investigation, if the dealer has concluded that the issue lies with the manufacturer, the case will then be raised with Grandeur where a decision will be made alongside the dealer. If a claim is made regarding Grandeur products, the individual making the claim must deem it acceptable for a Grandeur Flooring representative to attend the premises in which the warranted floor is installed to determine the validity of the claim. The damages or issues presented with a claim should cover at least 10% of the total hardwood flooring subjected to this claim.


Furthermore, such issues or damages must be easily noticeable from a standing position. If an acceptable resolution is not possible through an on-site visit, Grandeur Flooring reserves the right to have a third party inspector to investigate the issue further.


Under the terms of this warranty, if a claim is found to be a manufacturing defect, the responsibility of Grandeur Flooring is limited to providing the material for replacement of the defective boards – this excludes labor, accessories, disposal, inspection, shipping, and any other related costs.

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