Q: What should I use to clean my floor?

A: It is recommended to clean the hardwood flooring with a damp cloth, do not use a wet mop that will leave excess water behind. DO NOT use acidic household agents, such as alcohol, oils, soaps, waxes, Pinesol, vinegar etc. in cleaning hardwood floors as it may damage the finish.

Q: Can I buy directly from Grandeur Flooring?

A: Grandeur Flooring is a wholesale distributor; we do not sell directly to the public, however, there are many flooring retailers throughout Ontario that carry Grandeur Flooring products and offer installation services as well. To find a retailer near you, please feel free to contact us.

Q: What is the top-layer (veneer)?

A: The top-layer of a floor – also known as hardwood veneer is the layer on the top of the engineered plywood core of an engineered hardwood floor. It is essential in determining the price, durability, and strength of an engineered hardwood floor.


Q: Is it normal for floors to be dented or scratched?

A: All surfaces, metal, wood, plastic will dent, scratch and blemish over time by contact with abrasive or hard objects. Please check our Care and Maintenance guide for more recommendations on how to minimize wear and tear to your floors.


Q: Will I have color variation in my engineered or solid hardwood floors?

A: Yes. Solid and engineered flooring are both natural products and will invariably contain naturally occurring color variation. It is what makes each tree, each plank, every floor unique. To blend color variation better, it is recommended to open several boxes when installing to ensure a good range of color can be evenly distributed.


Q: What is the difference between solid and engineered hardwood floors?

A: Solid wood flooring is made of one piece of wood from top to bottom and can be used in any room that is on or above ground. One of the many benefits of solid flooring is it can be sanded and refinished many times. Engineered wood floors are made using multiple layers, but include a top layer made of high-density hardwood. Because engineered wood floors expand and contract less than solid flooring, they are ideal for any level, including basement installations.

Q: Why is my dealer asking me to order more than the area I am covering?

A: Depending on the conditions of the jobsite, a typical installation may require 5-7% extra flooring (wastage) to offset losses resulting from cutting the planks. Herringbone installations may require 10-15% wastage.


Q: Can I turn off my heating or A/C while nobody is home?

A: As hardwood is quite sensitive to humidity and temperature changes, it is mandatory to always maintain the adequate room temperature and relative humidity level. The ideal temperature for hardwood flooring ranges from 18 C (65 F) to 24 C (75 F). The relative humidity level (RH) for engineered flooring should be kept 35% to 55%; 40 to 50% for solid flooring.

Q: Are Grandeur Flooring products emission safe?

A: All of Grandeur Flooring products are CARB-2 and Floor Score Compliant and have been rigorously tested to ensure there are no Volatile Organic Compounds that can be potentially harmful to human health.  

Q: should I use additional underlayment for click vinyl flooring?

A: All Grandeur click vinyl products come with pre-attached underlayment. Additional underlayment may create more vertical movement of the flooring after installation. It can subsequently damage the locking system strength. It is not recommended to use additional underlayment for click vinyl flooring.

Q: what is nail down with glue assist?

A: Due to the reduction in the number of fasteners used per square foot of flooring width, wide plank (>5” widths) solid and engineered wood flooring should be installed using the glue-assisted installation method, when site conditions allow. Mechanical fasteners on a nail-down installation are the primary installation method. The addition of adhesive is supplemental to the mechanical fastener. The adhesive used should be a wood flooring adhesive with elastomeric qualities to allow for normal movement within the flooring system. Bona R850T or equivalent are recommended.


Q: Can I use radiant heating for hardwood flooring?

A: Hardwood flooring is a natural product. It will react differently to the drying effects of radiant heat depending on the wood species, room environment and type of radiant heating system being used. As the radiant heating market is still relatively new and growing, different types and models of radiant heat and under floor heating systems are being released every year; as such, compatibility with engineered flooring cannot be accurately substantiated or safely guaranteed. Grandeur Flooring does not offer any warranties for engineered or solid flooring installed with radiant heat. Vinyl products are currently considered safer for and more compatible with radiant heat.

Q: Do you provide color matching stains?

We do not provide color matching stains. The stain and lacquer used on the finishing line is different to the one used on job sites. The outcome may vary depending on the type of raw materials as well, i.e. staining on red oak, white oak, or hickory etc. There are many stain shops in the GTA which can provide color matching services, such as Torcan Coating, The Paint People, Steeles Paint. 

Q: How can I order the customized matching accessories?

You can order the matching accessories through the store you are working with. The customized accessories are made from the actual flooring planks for a perfectly finished match. Orders must be placed at least a week in advance and  accessory requirements must be also specified when the order is placed. There are some limitations in specs, i.e. the length can only be up to the maximum length of the planks. However, you can order multiple pieces to achieve the desired total length. Please note, there will be slight color variations from piece to piece, just as the flooring planks. All customized accessories are non-refundable and non-exchangeable as they are custom made per order. 

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